If you are interested in exploring new construction options in one of the area’s communities, it’s important to make sure you’re represented by an experienced real estate agent who will act in your best interests. Otherwise, you may not be getting the best deal and other challenges may arise down the road.

What to Expect

When you stop by a community’s model home or sales office, you’ll most likely be speaking directly to a sales agent who is employed by the home builder. This agent has the best interests of the builder in mind—and these may not necessarily be in-line with your best interests. By bringing a real estate agent to the sales office with you, you can enjoy the peace of mind in having someone on your side and representing you through every step of building your new home.

For example, a real estate agent may be able to help negotiate certain incentives into the purchase of a new build. This could include anything from free builder upgrades to having the builder cover the closing costs related to the transaction. What many buyers of new homes don’t realize is that most builders will not lower the total sales price of a new home because doing so would set a precedent for future sales. Builders themselves have no emotional investment in the homes they construct: it’s all about the bottom line. And the longer a new home sits on the market without selling, the more it is costing the builder.

How Your Agent Can Help

This is where an experienced real estate agent will be able to come in and negotiate special incentives to help an interested buyer get a great deal on a brand new home. Your real estate agent may also be aware of incentives that are not currently being advertised which can play to your advantage when searching for a home.

If you’re interested in a new home, make sure you have an agent who is truly on your side and working with your best interests in mind. Contact me today to learn more about current builder incentives in some of the area’s top communities!

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